What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping & Its Advantages?

What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

The resistance of a coil used in the atomisers is defined in ohms, which loosely defines the amount of current the coil will allow to pass through it. If you keep the voltage constant and reduce the resistance of the coil, the current passing through the coil will increase exponentially, making it hotter and resulting in more vapour. Generally speaking, thicker wires offer lower resistance since they have more surface area and allow more current to flow.

While the usual range is between 1.5 ohms and 3 ohms, but when you use a vaporiser whose atomiser coil has a resistance less than 1 ohm, this is called sub-ohm vaping. While it might sound very simple, it’s basically a pretty complex topic. So, let’s dig a little deeper.

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

There are three major benefits of sub-ohm vaping: more vapour, richer flavour, and warmer vapour. You’ll be blowing out the biggest clouds among your friends, shaming the other vapers who are vaping at higher resistance. The flavour is so smooth and yet intense that it’s nearly impossible to go back once you have tried sub-ohm vape. Most vaping old hands love a warmer vape, and that’s what sub-ohm vaping guarantees. Don’t worry, it won’t be burn-your-lips warm, thanks to the wide airflow that brings the vape to a pleasantly warm temperature.

Approaches to Sub-Ohm Vaping:

Depending on the type of atomiser you use, there are three different options for sub-ohming.

  1. Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers
     Also known as Drippers, the RDAs are where it all started. Early vapers used devices, slightly smaller than a tank, that could be attached to a mod. These devices were equipped with coils and a cotton wick. The user had to drip e-juice onto the wick after every few puffs.
  2. Rebuildable Tank Atomisers
     RTAs are an enhanced form of RDAs that don’t need to be dripped continuously, which surely was a sheer hassle. They are essentially clearomisers with a coil built inside them. The RTAs offer the highest volume vapours, plus very good flavour.
  3. Sub-ohm tanks
    Until lately, sub-ohm vaping was nothing less than an ordeal. You’d to buy a mod (either a mech or box mod), rechargeable batteries, Kanthal or Nichrome wire, organic cotton, and whatnot. Sub-ohm tanks have made life really easy, as you can slam them on virtually any mod, that can work at 30 watts or higher, and start blowing out massive clouds. They are pretty similar to RTAs, but have disposable, built-in coils. They offer nearly the same experience as RTAs, but take convenience to a whole new level.

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